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Slim Shake Chocolate Flavour


The Slim Shake Chocolate Flavour is a nutritionally, physiologically balanced meal and is suitable for a weightcontrolling diet.

The high-quality composition of vitamins, minerals and protein provides the body with a sufficient amount of vital nutrients. The contained proteins of plant and animal origin contribute to the preservation of the muscle mass and normal bone. The contained zinc contributes to a normal carbohydrate and fatty acid metabolism and calcium to a normal function of digestive enzymes.

  • Ingredients

    Soya protein isolate; Maize dextrin; Whey protein concentrate; low fat cacao powder (5,0 %); Thickener: guar gum; Aroma; Magnesium hydroxide; Potassium phosphate; Emulsifier: Soya lecithin; Ascorbic acid; Sweeteners: Sucralose; Iron diphosphate; Anti-caking agent: Silicon dioxide; D-alpha tocopheryl acetate; Nicotinamid; Zinc oxide; Antioxidant: Dl-alpha-tocopherol; Soya oil; Manganese sulphate; Calcium-d-pantothenate; Copper carbonate; Pyridoxine hydrochloride; Colouring: Beta carotene; Riboflavin; Thiamine mononitrate; Retinylacetat; Pteroylmonoglutamic acid; Sodium selenite; Phyllochino; Sodium iodide; Sodium molybdate; D-Biotin; Cholecalciferol; Cyanocobalamin.

  • Nutritional values
     Per 100 g powder (%NRV**)Per portion* (%NRV**)
    Energy1326 kJ (316 kcal)1000 kJ (237 kcal)
    - of which saturated fatty acids
    - of which monounsaturated fatty acids
    2,5 g
    1,2 g
    0,5 g
    7,1 g
    3,8 g
    1,7 g
    - which of sugar
    12,0 g
    5,5 g
    17,4 g
    15,8 g
    Fibre28,6 g7,1 g
    Protein46,9 g21,9 g
    Salt2,0 g0,8 g
    Vitamin A1293 μg (162)365 μg (46)
    Vitamin D5,5 μg (110)1,5 μg (30)
    Vitamin E17,2 mg (143)4,4 mg (37)
    Vitamin C77,2 mg (97)24,4 mg (31)
    Vitamin B11,7 mg (155)0,53 mg (48)
    Vitamin B22,3 mg (164)1,1 mg (79)
    Niacin23,2 mg (145)6,1 mg (38)
    Vitamin B62,0 mg (143)0,65 mg (46)
    Folic acid382 μg (191)119 μg (60)
    Vitamin B122,5 μg (100)1,9 μg (76)
    Biotin44 μg (88)23 μg (46)
    Pantothenic acid5,1 mg (85)2,3 mg (38)
    Vitamin K90 μg (120)23 μg (30)
    Calcium95,6 mg (12)377 mg (47)
    Phosphorus558 mg (80)412 mg (59)
    Potassium759 mg (38)654 mg (33)
    Iron23,6 mg (169)6,0 mg (43)
    Zinc11,9 mg (119)4,3 mg (43)
    Copper2,3 mg (230)0,60 mg (60)
    Iodine144 μg (96)71 μg (47)
    Selenium76 μg (139)28 μg (51)
    Magnesium309 mg (82)113 mg (30)
    Manganese2,7 mg (135)0,7 mg (35)
    Chloride288 mg (36)375 mg (47)
    Molybdenum64 μg (128)16 μg (32)
    Sodium786 mg337 mg
    Linoleic acid0,6 g1,5 g

    *25 g + 300 ml skim milk (1,5 % fat) + 2 g sunflower oil
    **% of the reference values for the daily intake according to the Food Information Regulation

    Amino acid profile:

    Amino acidper 100 g protein*Amino acidper 100 g protein*
    L-alanine4,35 gL-lysine6,37 g
    L-arginine7,13 gL-methionine1,24 g
    L-aspatic acid11,39 gL-phenylalanine5,16 g
    L-cysteine2,02 gL-proline5,09 g
    L-glutamic acid18,65 gL-serine4,88 g
    L-glycine3,96 gL-threonine4,11 g
    L-histidine3,52 gL-tryptophan1,21 g
    L-isoleucine4,62 gL-tyrosine3,54 g
    L-leucine8,07 gL-valine4,69 g

    *25 g + 300 ml skim milk (1,5 % fat) + 2 g sunflower oil

  • Recommended intake

    For the preparation of the shake stir 25 g of powder (corresponds to 2 measuring spoons) in 300 ml skim milk (1,5 % fat) and add 2 g sunflower oil. Substituting two daily meals of an energy restricted diet with the LIVSANE Slim Shake Vanilla Flavour contributes to weight loss. Substituting one daily meal of an energy restricted diet with the LIVSANE Slim Shake Vanilla Flavour contributes to the maintenance of weight after weight loss.

    The information about the preparation must be adhered. Supply the body daily with sufficient liquid (2 to 3-litres). Physical activity supports the aspired goal. The product can fulfil its intended purpose only in the course of a conscious nutrition. Other foods must be part of the diet. A balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Fill level depends on technical factors.

  • Storage advice

    Keep out of reach of young children. Store at room temperature (up to 21 °C), dry and protected from light.

  • Allergens
    • Soy
    • Milk (incl. lactose)
    • May contain traces of gluten, chicken protein and lupines