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Sapphire Files


Sapphire Files

Quality, elastic, chromed Sapphire Nail File made of hardened spring steel and coated with sapphire micro dust, with both coarse and fine grain sizes.

  • Key features and benefits
    • Elastic chromed nail file of Solingen quality
    • Made of hardened spring steel coated with sapphire micro dust
    • With a coarse and a fine emery board: The coarse side files the nail into shape whereas the fine side has a smoothing effect
    • Grit: ~90/150
    • Including cuticle pusher at the bottom of the plastic handle
    • The tip of the nail file is useful for cleaning underneath the nails
  • Instruction for use

    File the nail into shape with the coarse side, then use the fine side in order to achieve a smooth result. Always file nails in a dry condition and in one direction.