Icelandic Moss Throat Pastilles


The Icelandic Moss Throat Pastilles are a pharmacy-exclusive medical device for soothing dry cough and hoarseness. With icelandic moss and vitamin C. The fruticose lichen icelandic moss, mainly domiciled in higher altitudes, is popular for its mucous membrane protection effect. The ingredients cover the irritable mucous membranes in mouth and throat like a protective film to preserve these from further irritations. Thereby, dry cough and hoarseness can be alleviated.

  • Key features and benefits
    • Gluten-free
    • Lactose-free
    • Sugar-free
    • Suitable for vegetarians
    • Suitable for vegans
    • Blackcurrant-mint flavour
  • Ingredients

    1 Throat pastille contains 80 mg icelandic moss dry extract (DEV 1:1). Other ingredients: Gum arabic, vitamin C, peppermint oil, blackcurrent juice concentrate, blackcurrent flavour red, blackcurrent flavour black, maltitol, stevia.

  • Instruction for use

    Children from the age of 4 and adults: Suck 1 – 2 pastilles several times per day as needed. LIVSANE Icelandic Moss Throat Pastilles can be taken over a longer period. If there has been no improvement in symptoms after 7 days of treatment, a physician or pharmacist should be consulted.

  • Further information

    CONTRAINDICATIONS: LIVSANE Icelandic Moss Throat Pastilles must not be used if a hypersensitivity or allergic reaction to any of the ingredients exist. This medical device contains maltitol and stevia. In case of known incompatibility towards these sugar substitutes, the product should be used only after consultation with a physician or pharmacist.

    SIDE EFFECTS AND INTERACTIONS: Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects (due to the sugar substitutes). During pregnancy or the period of breastfeeding an intake should be made only after consultation with physician or pharmacist.

    WARNINGS: Keep out of the reach of children! Not suitable for children under the age of 4 (to avoid possible swallowing).

  • Storage advice

    After expiry date is passed, LIVSANE Icelandic Moss Throat Pastilles should no longer be used. Store in a dry place, protected from light and below 25 °C.