Hypertonic Sea Water Nasal Spray


Nasal Rinsing Spray

The Hypertonic Sea Water Nasal Spray clears and purifies the nasal passages. The medical device strongly hydrates the nasal cavity thanks to its mechanical washing and extracting actions. This keeps the nasal mucosa open.

  • Key features and benefits
    • 100% natural
    • With trace elements
    • Without preservatives
    • Without propellant gas
  • Ingredients

    Sea water, purified water.

  • Instruction for use
    1. Shake the bottle and remove the protective cap. On first use the pump may need to be pressed several times before the spray is produced.
    2. Gently place the nasal applicator in one nostril and press the pump to apply the product.
    3. Allow excess solution to drain, in order to extract the mucus, and then blow your nose.
    4. Repeat with the other nostril.
    5. Clean the applicator with water and dry.
    6. Cover the nasal applicator with the protective cap until the next use.

    Apply in each nostril as often as necessary.

  • Further information
    • Read the instructions before use.
    • For hygienic reasons and to prevent spreading pathogens, the container should not be used by more than one person.
    • Use within 1 month of opening.
    • Do not use the product after the expiry date shown on the box and the bottle.
  • Storage advice

    Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a dry, cool place below 40°C.