First aid

Latex Gloves Powdered, size 6.5


The Latex Gloves Powdered are examination gloves made of latex. The colour is natural and the gloves are hand specific. They are for single use, non sterile and powdered. The Length is 285 mm ±10 mm and the weight is ~8-9 g. Micro-roughened fingertips for a secure grip and optimal tactile sensitivity. Rolled edge to prevent gliding down over the back of the hand. The Quality is AQL 1,5 (medical standard).

  • Key features and benefits
    • For single use
    • Hand specific
    • Powdered
    • Non sterile
    • Quality: AQL 1,5 (medical standard)
  • Material

    Natural rubber latex.

  • Further information

    This product contains natural rubber latex, which can cause allergic reactions including anaphylactic reactions.

  • Storage advice

    The product must be stored in its original packing at a temperature between 10 and 40 °C in a well ventilated area away from dust, sunlight, ozone and excessive heat. It must be kept away from unauthorized personnel, young children and those unfamiliar with its applications.