Diagnostic Tools

Underarm Thermometer


The Underarm Thermometer is intended for the measurement of human body temperature in the armpit area.

  • Key features and benefits
    • Predictive measurement of human body temperature under the human armpit 
    • Very fast results in just 10 – 12 seconds
    • Waterproof 
    • Large LCD display
  • Content
    • 1 x thermometer
    • 1 x plastic storage/transportation case
    • 1 x instructions for use
  • Instruction for use
    1. Before using for the first time, please disinfect the probe. 
    2. To switch on, press the « ON / OFF » button next to display; a short beep will sound, indicating that the thermometer is operational.
    3. At the same time the thermometer runs a self-check test, during which the symbol “ “ appears on the LCD.
    4. When the letters “L” and a flashing “°C” or “°F” show on the display, the thermometer is  ready for use. 
    5. If the ambient temperature is below 32 °C or 89.6 °F, a “L” will appear on the LCD. If it is more than 43.9 °C or 111.0 °F, then “H” will appear on the LCD. 
    6. During the measurement process, the current temperature is displayed continuously and the “°C” or “°F” symbol flashes. The measurement is completed when a beep sounds 5 times and the “°C“ or “°F” symbol stops flashing.
    7. The measured temperature appears on the LCD.
    8. When the measurement is completed, please switch the thermometer off by pressing the « ON / OFF » button.


    • Please keep the armpit closed for at least 5 minutes before the measurement to ensure the most accurate measurement results.
    • Put the thermometric sensor in the centre of the armpit.
    • Press the arm inward gently, make sure the sensor is fixed at the armpit.
    • The usual measuring time is approximately 10 to 12 seconds. When you hear the beep sound, this indicates the measurement is complete. You may then remove the thermometer.
  • Problems and limitations
    • Incorrect methods of measuring temperature may lead to inaccurate measurement results.
    • Do not allow the device to come into contact with hot water.
    • Do not expose to high temperatures or direct sunlight.
    • Do not drop the thermometer. It is neither shock-proof nor impact-resistant.
    • Do not modify this device without authorization of manufacturer.
    • Do not bend or open the device (except the battery compartment).
    • Do not clean with thiners, petrol or benzene, instead please do only clean with water or disinfectant.
    • Do not immerse the waterproof thermometers under water over 15 cm deep for longer than 30 minutes.
    • The thermometer contains small parts (battery, battery compartment) which can be swallowed by children. For this reason, do not leave the thermometer unattended in the hands of children.
    • Avoid bending the thermometer tip by more than 45 degrees.
    • If the ambient temperature is over 35 °C or 95 °F, dip the thermometer tip in cold water for approx. 5 to 10 seconds prior to measuring the temperature.
  • Further information
    • If you want to measure your temperature after sport, showering or eating a meal, please wait for at least 30 minutes.
    • Please make sure the armpit is dry and clean before each measurement.
    • If using on a baby, please hold his / her arm during measurement.
    • Persistent fever, in particular in children, has to be treated by a Doctor – please get in touch with your Doctor!
  • Storage advice

    The thermometer device should be stored at a temperature between -25 - 55 °C and a humidity of ≤ 95 % RH.