Diagnostic Tools

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer


The Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer can be used to measure human forehead and object temperature based on infrared radiation. For this purpose, the device’s probe simply has to be aimed towards the surface whose temperature is to be measured in order to obtain a quick and accurate temperature result.

  • Key features and benefits
    • Non-Contact Multi-Functional Design 
    • Forehead and object temperature measurement modes
    • 1 second instant measurement with acoustic signal 
    • High quality infrared sensor 
    • Hygienic, easy to clean 
    • Large and clear backlit display with coloured fever indication
  • Content
    • 1 x LIVSANE Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
    • 2 x AAA batteries
    • 1 x User Manual
  • Instruction for use

    Forehead measurement:
    When the thermometer is turned on, place the infrared probe in front of the forehead at a distance between 1 and 6 cm, then press „Power / Scan“. After approx. 1 second the measurement is finished, a beep sound is heard and the LCD display shows the measurement result.

    • If the ambient temperature exceeds the range of 10 - 40,0 °C, the thermometer shows „Err“
    • If the measured human temperature value is higher than 42,9 °C, it shows „Hi“; If the measured temperature is lower than 32 °C, „Lo“ is shown.
    • If 32,0 °C ≤ temperature ≤ 37,5 °C, a green backlight lights up; If 37,6 °C ≤ temperature ≤ 42,9 °C, a red backlight lights up.

    Measurement mode selection:
    You can also measure the object (or ambient) temperature with this thermometer. For this purpose, press the „Environment / Body temperature switch button“ to select between the object or human body temperature measurement mode as below and follow the instructions as described above.

  • Problems and limitations
    • When measuring the forehead temperature, you should first remove the hat and arrange the hair on the forehead in a way to prevent an influence on the measurement.
    • Sweat or cosmetics on the forehead will affect the measurement accuracy. Please keep the forehead clean during measurement.
    • Be careful not to point the LED light into the subject‘s eyes during measurement.
    • Use of this thermometer is not intended as a substitute for consultation with your physician. It can be dangerous for the user to perform a self-evaluation and self-treatment based on the measuring result. Be sure to always follow your doctor’s instructions.
    • Keep the thermometer out of reach of children. If the battery or any other component is swallowed, immediately call a poison center or doctor.
    • Do not dispose of the battery in fire. It must be recycled or disposed properly.
  • Further information
    • The device is a precision instrument. Don’t drop, tramp or impose any vibration or impact on the thermometer.
    • Do not touch the lens of the probe with your fingers and do not disassemble the device by yourself.
    • If you want to measure your temperature after exercising, eating, or bathing, please rest at room temperature for about 30 minutes prior to measuring the temperature in order to ensure accurate results.
    • For reliable and stable measurement data, please have the device stored at room temperature for at least 30 minutes prior to using.
    • In order to take several measurements in a row, please make sure to have at least 1 minute intervals between each measurement. Temperature measurements may vary slightly, hence it is recommended that you measure at least three consecutive times and then take the average of these temperature values.
    • There is no absolute standard temperature of a person, so please try to collect the recording of the individual’s temperature in a usual situation as a reference for having fever or not.
    • Do not measure the sites of scarred tissue or tissue compromised by skin disorders, because sensing body temperature from sites of scarred tissue or tissue compromised by skin disorders can lead to not accurate temperature readings.
    • Do not measure if the patient is treated with certain drug therapies.
    • Do not measure when the measured sites (forehead) is exposed to direct sunlight, fireplace heat, cold compress therapies or air conditioner flow. In such cases, please wait for 30 minutes prior to measuring.
    • Do not immerse the device into water or any other liquid, and do not directly expose it to the sun.
    • Make sure the measuring distance is between 1 – 6 cm when measuring.
  • Storage advice
    • Don’t put the thermometer under direct sunlight, high temperature, moist environments, flammable areas, or areas susceptible to vibration.
    • Remove the batteries, if the device is not to be used for long durations.