Diagnostic Tools

Multipurpose Thermometer


The Multipurpose Thermometer is ideally to be used for the measurement of human body temperature in the anus, mouth (or armpit).

  • Key features and benefits
    • Flexible measuring tip.
    • Large display.
    • Waterproof.
    • Automatic switch-off function.
    • Incl. protective cover.
    • Ideal for oral, rectal and axillary temperature measurements.
  • Content
    • 1 x thermometer
    • 1 x plastic storage/transportation case
    • 1 x instructions for use
  • Instruction for use
    1. Before using the thermometer for the first time, please disinfect the probe. 
    2. To switch on, press the ON / OFF button next to display; a short beep will sound, indicating that the thermometer is operational.
    3. At the same time the thermometer runs a self-check test, during which the symbol “ “ appears on the LCD.
    4. When the letters “Lo” and a flashing “°C” or “°F” show on the display, the thermometer is  ready for use. 
    5. If the ambient temperature is below 32 °C or 89.6 °F, then “Lo °C” or “Lo °F“ will appear on the LCD. If it is more than 42,9 °C or 109.2 °F, then “Hi °C” or “Hi °F“ will appear on the LCD. 
    6. During the measurement process, the current temperature is displayed continuously and the “°C” or “°F” symbol flashes. The measurement is completed when a constant temperature value has been reached. The temperature value is considered constant when the temperature rises less than 0.1 °C within 4 seconds. As soon as the constant temperature value is reached, a beep will sound four times, and the “°C” or “°F” symbol will stop flashing.
    7. The highest temperature measured appears on the LCD.
    8. When the measurement is completed, please switch the thermometer off by pressing the « ON / OFF » button.

    It is important to remember that the body temperature reading depends on the site where it is measured. For this reason, the measurement site must always be specified in order to ensure that a correct temperature reading is recorded.

    In the rectum (rectal):
    This is the most accurate method from a medical point of view, because it comes closest to the core body temperature. The thermometer tip is inserted carefully into the rectum for a maximum of 2 cm. The usual measuring time is approximately 9 to 11 seconds. 
    In the mouth (oral):
    There are different heat zones in the mouth. As a general rule, the oral temperature is 0.3 °C to 0.8 °C lower than the rectal temperature. To ensure that reading is as accurate as possible, place the thermometer tip to the left or right of the root of the tongue. The thermometer tip must have constant contact with the tissue during the reading and be placed under the tongue in one of the two heat pockets at the back, keep the mouth closed during the reading and breathe evenly through the nose. Do not eat or drink anything before the measurement. The usual measuring time is approximately 15 to 19 seconds.
    Under the armpit (axillary):
    Placing the thermometer in the armpit provides a measurement of surface temperature that can fluctuate by around 0.5 °C to 1.5 °C from rectal temperature readings in adults. The usual measuring time for this method is approximately 23 to 29 seconds. It should be noted, however, that an exact reading cannot be obtained if, for example, the armpits have been allowed to cool. If this is the case, we recommend extending the measuring time by around 5 minutes in order to obtain the most precise possible reading that corresponds as closely as possible to the core body temperature.

    Note: We strongly recommend the rectal method as the most accurate method for identifying the basal temperature, We recommend to extend the measuring time by 3 minutes after the beep.

  • Problems and limitations

    Certain circumstances may influence the temperature in the ear and should therefore be considered before using the Ear & Forehead Thermometer in the “ear measurement mode”, as they can influence the body temperature measurement: 

    • If you have been lying on the ear for an extended period, the ears are covered, the ears are exposed to excessive heat/cold, or after swimming or bathing. > In the event of one of these circumstances, wait 20 minutes before performing the measurement. 
    • As ear wax can affect the measurement, you should clean the ear before measuring, if necessary.

    Similarly, there are various circumstances that can influence the body temperature results given by using the “forehead measurement mode”:

    • Physical activity, increased perspiration on the forehead, taking vasoconstrictive medication and skin irritations can distort the result.
    • Holding the thermometer for too long in the hand before taking a measurement causes the device to warm up. This could lead to an incorrect measurement.
  • Further information
    • The body temperature measured in the ear may differ from other measurements taken in the mouth, rectum or armpits. Any comparison of these values is therefore futile. The temperature results measured with the Ear-/Forehead Thermometer should therefore serve as indication and in the case of high temperature should be followed up by measurements (ideally in the rectum) with a digital rod thermometer.
    • Temperature should be measured regularly to calculate the average temperature and then these measurements should be used as a basis for comparison when taking measurements in the event of a suspected high temperature.
    • Body temperature is lower in the morning and increases throughout the day towards evening.
    • Physical and, to a lesser extent, mental activities increase body temperature.
  • Storage advice

    Do not store below -25 ° C and not above 55 °C and the humidity should not be above 95%. If prolonged storage is planned, you should remove the batteries.