Diagnostic Tools

Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor


The Blood Pressure Monitor is intended to measure the blood pressure and pulse rate of adults and minors above 12 years of age. The device is not suitable for neonatal, pregnant or preeclampsia patients.

  • Key features and benefits
    • Measures the blood pressure reliably, quickly and easily
    • Large-scale LCD facilitates the reading of the measurements etc. also for "older" people
    • Incl. cuff for upper arm circumferences of 22-32cm
    • Cuff Wrapping Detection
    • IHB (Irregular heartbeat) indicator
    • Body Movement Detection
    • 60 measurement memory
    • Average value display of last 3 measurements
    • Intelligent pressurization
    • Time and date display 
    • Can be used with batteries
  • Content
    • 1x electronic blood pressure monitor
    • 1x easy to wrap around cuff (for upper arm circumference of 22-35 cm)
    • 1x instructions for use
    • 1x storage bag
    • 4x 1,5 V AA batteries
  • Instruction for use
    1. Place the cuff on the upper arm and position the lower edge 2-3cm above the elbow, keep the air tube at the inside of the arm.
    2. Sit up straight, keep the centre of cuff and heart at the same level.
    3. Press the on / off button. All the icons flash on the screen and then after a few seconds inflation of the cuff will start.
    4. The monitor starts measuring automatically after the inflation is finished, and the measuring icon ♥ starts to flicker, pressure release value starts to decrease gradually.
    5. Please maintain your position during the measurement and don‘t speak or move.
    6. When the measurement is complete, the arm cuff completely deflates. Your blood pressure and pulse rate are displayed.
    7. Press the button to turn the monitor off. The device will power off automatically after 30 seconds.
    8. The measurement will automatically be stored.
  • Problems and limitations
    • Don‘t eat, smoke, drink, bathe or do any high impact sport within half an hour before measuring. 
    • In order not to distort the result, it is important to keep still during the measurement and not to talk. The display will show an icon, if the body moves when measuring. Please measure again or it will show inaccurate results.
    • Before every measurement, relax for about five minutes – otherwise there may be divergences.
    • In order to ensure comparable values, always measure your blood pressure at the same time of the day.
    • If you want to perform several measurements on the same person, wait five minutes between each measurement.
    • Cardiovascular diseases may lead to incorrect measurements or have a detrimental effect on measurement accuracy. The same also applies to very low blood pressure, diabetes, circulatory disorders and arrhythmias as well as chills or shaking.
  • Further information
    • You can perform the measurement either sitting or lying down. Always make sure that the cuff is on a level with your heart.
    • To carry out a blood pressure measurement, make sure you are sitting comfortably with your arms and back leaning on something. Do not cross your legs. Place your feet flat on the ground.
    • For a detailed classification of the measurements, please use the classification table by the WHO provided in the instruction leaflet.
  • Storage advice

    Do not store below -20 °C and not above +55 °C and the humidity should not be more than 80%.