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The fully-grown human body consists of approximately 75 trillion cells, each of which needs to be supplied with vitamins, minerals and trace elements on a daily basis. In this was a harmonious balance can be created that allows the organs and cardiovascular system to work properly. This requirement cannot always be met by our daily food intake. Especially in times of stress or during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the need for these essential nutrients is increased.  This is where food supplements can help to give the body what it needs.

Product Overview

Diet and weight control

Healthy lifestyle

Nutrients play a big role during a diet or in maintaining your desired weight. If you reduce the amount of food you eat each day, the number of nutrients you take in also decreases. Of course, if you eat less, you also eat fewer calories that your body needs to process.  

But are there enough nutrients to keep the body functioning properly?

To support weight loss in a healthy way, LIVSANE shakes can be used to replace meals. One shake replaces a complete meal. All of the necessary nutrients (carbohydrates, protein, fat) as well as vitamins, minerals and trace elements are provided in one easy to use sachet.

At the same time as meeting your nutritional needs, the protein and fibre contained in these shakes give a feeling of fullness, helping LIVSANE to work with you to achieve healthy weight loss.

Hot drinks

Hot drinks - not only for the soul

In the cold season, there are few things more pleasant than a warm tea or hot chocolate. They warm you up and bring a comforting feeling of being sheltered and cared for. A warm drink relaxes and boosts the circulatory system. The warmth penetrates to the tips of your fingers and toes, reawakening your spirits. Herbal teas contain essential oils and natural plant-based nutrients, as well as many vitamins and minerals, so that a cup of tea not only warms the soul on winter days, but is also good for your health.

Do you love the taste of berries, elderberry or lemon? Then try the LIVSANE hot drink variations! Lemon and ginger not only taste good, they also boost the body's metabolism. 

Cough drops

For a strong immune system

Spring and autumn are the time for cough drops. Perhaps it's just a little sore throat, but that can be enough to put you off your stride. LIVSANE cough drops help these symptoms to quickly subside. Cough drops can help with coughs and scratchy throats by moistening the mucous membranes in the mouth and throat.

Young children are not usually enthusiastic about taking their medicine. But LIVSANE cough drops come in a variety of flavours for young and old. Try LIVSANE cough drops with the elderflower-herb flavour or the sugar-free version with eucalyptus-menthol. Stop a coming cold or flu in its tracks and strengthen your immune system by using LIVSANE cough drops.

Power yourself

Glucose for more energy

Glucose (dextrose) is the most common simple sugar found in nature and the main source of energy in living organisms. Because it enters the blood immediately, it provides energy that is instantly available for use. Dextrose is therefore associated as a fast energy source for athletic activity. A healthy diet, sufficient exercise and a stress-free daily routine ensure that you stay healthy and productive. If energy is urgently needed, dextrose can provide a boost in performance as it enters the system immediately and does not have to be metabolised over time.

LIVSANE dextrose is available in different flavours and varieties. In addition to a fruit mix, there is also dextrose especially for children in roll form or as sticks. If you want to support the rapid absorption of the sugar into the bloodstream, choose a combination of dextrose with vitamin C.

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