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LIVSANE products support you through life’s bumps and bruises.

Most accidents happen at home and are usually minor injuries. A splash from a boiling pan burns your hand, cutting vegetables slices a finger, or the kid’s first laps on their bikes lead to plasters for scraped knees. A first-aid kit is something that every household should have and it should be checked and topped-up on a regular basis. Besides scissors, plasters, dressings, bandages, antiseptic ointment and burn gel should always be included. 

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Gauze and bandages

Prepared for any injury

Perhaps you too played with bandages in childhood, wrapping your arm with a gauze dressing and tucking it into a sling, and you already know this material well. However, a useful tip is to check the expiry date for these medical products from time to time. The elasticity of gauze bandages decreases over time and sterile wound dressings have only a limited shelf life. Also remember to use bandages and safety pins to hold dressings in place.
If you have small children, it might be wise to keep a well-stocked medicine cabinet with a range of products. Perhaps you can carefully introduce your child to the topic of first aid by using the bandages, ointment and plasters.

Be sure to have different types of bandages that have different adhesive strength. If a bandage has to be put on the knee, it needs a sufficient gauze area to absorb body fluids. Alternatively, if the ends of the bandage need to be secured, safety pins or a wide non-absorbent plaster are needed. 

The colourful children's plasters from LIVSANE are suitable for small children. This way, you can quickly distract from the pain and the little ones are proud of their colourful picture. Each pack contains 20 plasters in two different designs.

Keep plenty of pressure bandages in your medicine cabinet to stop minor bleeding quickly. If you use gauze as a dressing, remember to check it regularly. 

In addition to the dressing material, you will also need tape to secure the end of the bandage. Keeping a suitable pair of scissors handy to cut the tape or a bandage to size is always advisable.


For your active lifestyle

When it comes to sports, you might occasionally need wound ointment, sprays, cooling gels and disinfectants for bumps, sprains and bruises. In addition to first aid, muscle fibres need a regeneration phase after every sporting activity.  This can be helped along using LIVSANE magnesium supplements.

Being prepared for the worst goes beyond stocking your medicine cabinet.  You should always carry a small first-aid kit in case of emergency. If you are travelling with children, you might need a supply of water, tissues, wet wipes, or even a change of underwear at short notice. No one knows what each day will bring, so it's good to be prepared!  

Using LIVSANE products can help you and your loved ones to react calmly and cope with the occasional emergency knowing you are in safe hands.

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