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Technology has developed rapidly in recent decades and enabled great strides forward in the medical field. Nowadays, it is taken for granted that self-testing is a key part of keeping tabs on our health. Beyond this, hi-tech devices support emergency call systems, apps for tracking vital health functions and medical devices that were much more cumbersome to operate just a few years ago.  Beyond the benefits of making life easier, these convenient tools provide us with important information that can sometimes have a big impact on our health. Many problems are more easily treated when symptoms are recognised early and treated immediately. 

Product Overview

Diagnostic pregnancy tools

For pregnancy and family planning

In the area of pregnancy and family planning, many diagnostic tools are available that can help you to feel more in control of what can be a daunting process. If you want to get pregnant, it is important to know the exact time of ovulation as this is when fertility is at a peak. Specially designed urine test sticks make it possible to determine the days when this is happening, and your fertility is increased. Later, a pregnancy test can be used to determine if the egg has been successfully fertilised. With some advanced tests, it is now possible to ascertain whether you are pregnant a few days before the expected period, so that the mother-to-be can enjoy even more control.

Once the baby is born, restless times can sometimes begin as the new child gradually develops a sleeping rhythm and the family adapts to a new way of life.  Occasionally minor ailments can develop and any fever must be carefully monitored so that appropriate actions can be taken in good time. Whereas not so long ago this was measured rectally or beneath the armpit, today's measuring devices can function without direct contact with the body. Infrared thermometers measure the temperature of the patient and provide concrete data within seconds. This makes a stressful situation easier for parents and sick children, especially at night and during fever episodes.

Blood pressure

A simple way to measure blood pressure

With the help of a blood pressure monitor, you can measure your blood pressure independently. The advantage of measuring on your own is that you can even check when your blood pressure is at its lowest point due to hypoglycaemia. Even when the values are usually fine at the doctor's, the circulation can sometimes get out of control in everyday life due to stress. With the help of a personal blood pressure monitor, it is easy to track your blood pressure over time, and share the data with your doctor. In this way you can monitor your daily health and feel in better control of your blood pressure.

LIVSANE blood pressure monitors are easy to use as you don't need a stethoscope. Simply place the cuff around the upper arm and the device will do the rest automatically.

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