LIVSANE is a pharmacy-exclusive brand. Our innovative products are for your health at home or on the go.

The modern pharmacy-exclusiv brand which you can trust.


All LIVSANE products meet the highest quality and safety requirements. You can rely on this expertise from the pharmacy. Our products comply, among other things, with the demanding International Food Standard (IFS) or the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points concept (HACCP). The entire production run of LIVSANE products is closely monitored from development to delivery and is checked regularly. You can trust the quality of LIVSANE: That is our promise.


LIVSANE is the modern pharmacy brand that helps you and your family stay healthy. LIVSANE offers products for everyday use: for example food supplements or clinical thermometers. LIVSANE is only available in pharmacies and there is a good reason for that: LIVSANE offers the highest quality and has been developed by health experts. All of our products are Made in Germany or Made in Europe. LIVSANE is state-of-the-art pharmacy expertise at a reasonable price.